28 01 2009

This week our foreign exchange arrived.

It was wonderful. It was exciting. It was delicious. There is just something devilishly enjoyable about clutching a fat wad of notes in your grubby paws. Especially when the money is in a decent currency. Your heart skips a beat, your eyes gleam, and your mind starts spending it on all sorts of things you dont need.

I doubt a wad of these would have had quite the same impact or brought a gleam to my eye quite as bright, although, I do like bananas – especially in my cereal.


While our South African Rand is not quite as bad as the Zimbabwean Dollar, buying forex does make you realise how our currency has deteriorated over the years. Nonetheless, bananas or none, we have our money and we love it.
We love the colours and the filigree designs. We love the little windows and swirls and watermarks. We love these strange and important-looking people (hey! is that the Queen?!).

It’s one step closer to our new home and our new life, and its something tangible – something we can see and touch. It takes the impending journey from the hypothetical and renders it a little more real than it was a week before. A little more exciting. A little more scary.

Twenty five days to go, and counting. DOLLARS.

New Zealand Bank Notes

New Zealand Bank Notes